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At Xenbev, we’ve redefined the way beverage brands connect with their audience by seamlessly bringing together brands and independent brand ambassadors. Our platform is designed to maximize the potential of this unique partnership. XenBev offers access to a dedicated community of independent ambassadors who have a distinct advantage: their authenticity and unique perspective on the brands they enjoy. Leveraging our platform allows beverage brands to extend their reach exponentially, in a cost-efficient and data-driven way.

Independent brand ambassadors aren’t just short-term influencers. They can be long-term partners helping you build brand loyalty and inspire the discovery of new trends and potential product improvements.


Never cancel a sampling event again!

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Create an On or Off Premise Demo event on XenBev. Then connect with our independent and professional ambassadors to support your brand. Don't forget to Favorite the best ambassadors for new opportunities.

Become an Ambassador

Are you a connoisseur of wine, spirits or craft beer? Have you considered leveraging your skills to support the brands you love? Let us share an incredible journey that has the potential to transform your life while indulging your passion for beverages. Becoming an independent Ambassador unlocks so many opportunities: Networking, Diverse Portfolio, Flexibility, Freedom and Unlimited Earnings. Add your name into our Ambassador Portal and Turn your Hobby into a Hustle, Today!

Value Statements

Brands Serviced
Brand Ambassadors have a distinct advantage of authenticity. They bring their own unique voice and perspective, connecting with consumers on a personal level that traditional marketing often can't achieve. This authenticity translates into more meaningful and lasting connections with your target audience.
Revenue Generated
Working with independent brand ambassadors is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies. You can collaborate on specific campaigns or create a long-standing partnership. Our platform makes it easy to manage these relationships efficiently.

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What is XenBev

XenBev is more than just a booking platform; its a strategic asset. It enables our team to identify, connect with and ultimately hire exceptional talent that drives our mission of brand support.


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Why We Use XenBev

XenBev is the friendliest and most efficient company I have ever used. They reduce the time it takes to find quality ambassadors and introduce our brands. As a result we put forward only the best reps that really suit our suppliers. XenBev helps from start to finish to create a great team that easily share the ideals of your suppliers.


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