About Us

We Match Brands with Ambassadors

XenBev is a network where professional connections in Food & Beverage can flourish and careers can take flight. This virtual free agency for agencies is a gateway to a world of opportunities, collaboration and growth. Our mission is to empower ambassadors, agencies and suppliers of all sizes to thrive by fostering meaningful relationships through independent brand support. We believe that connecting talented individuals, sharing knowledge and facilitating collaboration can elevate careers, drive innovation and increase revenues for brands nationwide.

Our Success!

XenBev success is linked to our connections in Food & Beverage. Our community-oriented mindset and focus on brand development are the foundation for an incredible network of Agencies, Ambassadors and Suppliers.
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Our Value

XenBev is the bridge that connects beverage brands with independent brand ambassadors, unlocking a world of opportunities. It’s about more than just marketing; it’s about fostering genuine connections and building a community of loyal food & beverage enthusiasts who will champion your brand.

Join us today, let’s embark on a journey that takes your brands to new heights, powered by the authenticity and passion of independent brand ambassadors. Cheers to the future of beverage marketing!

Our Principles


We believe in fostering a vibrant community that supports professional growth, learning, and collaboration.


We prioritize quality connections and experiences to ensure that every interaction adds value to your brand or professional journey.


WE champion collaboration as the key to solving complex challenges and driving progress.


Our platform is designed to empower ambassadors careers as well as agencies marketing strategies.

How to Book Demo?

Create Your Profile
Create an Agency Profile login and add your information and resources for your brand(s)
Add & Post Your Demo
Select "Add a Demo Gig" and complete the information about the sampling. Post your Gig into the portal. (XenBev opens Gigs only to applicants within distance of Demo location)
Follow Your Demo
Keep track of your open samplings in "View Active Gigs". Review Ambassador applicants and select the applicant that you would like to use.
Connect With The Ambassador
Independently connect and coordinate payment with Ambassador.
Favorite Great Ambassadors!
If the selected Ambassador did a great job, don't forget to Favorite them for future opportunities.

Turn your Hobby to a Hustle!

Indulge your passion for beverage brands. Unlimited earnings, work with a diverse portfolio, flexibility, network and personal growth, the reasons and potential are limitless. If any or this resonates with you, create your Ambassador Profile today!