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Become An


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XenBev offers two distinct membership levels:

  1. Ambassador (Contract Sampling Professional):
    • Ambassadors are individuals who work on a contract basis in the sampling industry.
    • They are responsible for conducting product samplings, typically within a specific state or region.
    • Ambassadors need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits within the state they operate to comply with local regulations.
    • They may be hired directly by brands or through third-party sampling agencies to promote and distribute products to consumers.
  2. Agency (Sampling Service Provider):
    • Agencies are entities that provide sampling services and hire ambassadors to perform product samplings.
    • They can take two primary forms:
      • Third-Party Sampling Companies: These agencies specialize in offering sampling services as a third-party service provider. They connect brands with qualified ambassadors, handle logistics, and ensure compliance with regulations.
      • Brands Themselves: Some brands choose to establish their in-house agencies to manage and execute product sampling campaigns directly.
    • Agencies play a crucial role in coordinating and executing sampling campaigns on behalf of brands, ensuring a wide reach and effective distribution of products to the target audience.